Complete guide to Pardot – Salesforce connector setup and sync behaviour

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INTRODUCTION Even as a standalone tool Pardot is a very powerful marketing platform. But where it really shines is when integrated with Salesforce! Two systems combined result in enhancing each other’s capacities and offering the additional features. To get the most out of this duo, however, you need to make sure you understand the Pardot-Salesforce connector […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Top 5 hightlights of the Spring 18′ Release

Salesforce Spring 18' Release 1

Marketing Cloud was getting more and more in sync with Salesforce lately. The 3 latest transitions have marked a full-on integration of the two. I’m talking about the Login Page getting a new look, the help library moving to the and the releases getting a familiar Winter, Spring and Summer names. This article will be about […]