How to create folders within the files tab if “New Folder” button isn’t available?

Here is the podium to one of many mysteries of Salesforce.
Put simply this article answers the following question:
Is there a way to create folders within the files tab in order to manage files uploaded there?
The short answer “yes, click New Folder button”. The complete answer “if you can’t see New Folder button” read the long answer below.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Ensure to Enable the Salesforce CRM content 
Lightning: Features >> Salesforce Files >> Salesforce CRM Content

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Classic: Build >> Customize >>  Salesforce Files >> Settings >> Salesforce CRM Content

2. Assign User Permissions
a. Under Salesforce CRM Content (in step 1) click the checkbox “Autoassign feature license to existing and new Users”


b. Go to Users >> Choose a user who needs to have access to the Content (Libraries in Files are a part of this license) >> Check Salesforce CRM Content User
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3. Libraries Tab Access 

IMPORTANT!! for this step Switch to Classic (Libraries Tab is absent in the Lightning atm 08/2017)

  • Go to the All Tabs (+ sign)
  • Choose Libraries Tab

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If you don’t find Libraries among your tabs:
Go to the Profile >> Tab Settings >> Ensure that Libraries have a Default On value
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4. Create Folders / Manage Members of the Folders

IMPORTANT!! for this step Switch to Classic (Libraries Tab is absent in the Lightning atm 08/2017)When on the Libraries Tab you will see the default Assets Folder (this one doesn’t have any members by defaults)

From here you have 2 options:

a. Add Members to the Assets Folder
b. Create a New Folder >> Add Members to the New Folder

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When adding members it’s important to choose an appropriate role. The person who needs to be able to Add Folders in the given folder needs to be an Author or Administrator.5. Use Folders + Create sub Folders)

IMPORTANT!! for this step Switch back to LIGHTNING

Now when you get back to Lightning you go to FILES TAB >> Libraries >> Select the newly created folder

Now you will have a New Folder Button (if you still don’t it means that the Member wasn’t added to the Folder OR a role wasn’t chosen correctly – Step 4)

Here you go 😉
Bonus question:
Does apply if i want to add pre-made empty folders for every account/location. My hopes are to be able to organize our files within each account, a folder for location photos, for blue prints, before & after photos, etc.. but specific to each account.
You can create any folder structure you want, but you won’t have folders displayed at the Account level, nor will you be able to auto-generate folders based on the account names. You will basically have to create each folder for each account you have to replicate the structure. And then, subfolders for each Account folder. Depending on how many accounts you have in your database, it can very quickly become a very time-consuming task…It might be a good idea to look for Appexchange solutions. Those seems to be close to what you need:


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