How to create folders within the files tab if “New Folder” button isn’t available?

Here is the podium to one of many mysteries of Salesforce. Put simply this article answers the following question: Is there a way to create folders within the files tab in order to manage files uploaded there? The short answer “yes, click New Folder button”. The complete answer “if you can’t see New Folder button” […]

How to turn your video calls into automatic field updates in Salesforce. Step by step guide

In the era of “Software that’s eating the world”, where each step you take at work has its own tool, the biggest challenge every team is facing is how to make them work together. And the ones who have to tackle the challenge are often Salesforce admins. Being one myself, I know this first hand. […]

Trailhead module – Lightning Platform API Basics – Import Accounts Using Bulk API and Workbench

Unlike other modules where I was writing the debug instructions to work around the issue with validation, this one is more of a guidance type. Instructions for this module isn’t due to any issues from the Trailhead validation side, but rather a tip of how to get it quickly.  

Trailhead error & debug – Enable Salesforce Knowledge and Lightning Knowledge in Your Org – Step 5 in the Create a Customer Account Portal with a Self-Registration Flow module

Yet another unexpected hickup on the Trailhead project and the Captain Debug is back on duty. This time validation script didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that Lightning Knowledge was activated prior to the start of the module. If you faced the same issue, read on.

How to Add a Salesforce Dataset into Einstein Discovery if My Organisation is missing ?

I keep on struggling with the Einstein enabled Developer orgs. This time I’ve faced an issue while following the  Einstein Discovery Classic Data Integration module. And the bump on the road came in yet another unexpected place – integration of the Salesforce Dataset. You would think among all the data sources available this would be […]

Tricky Trailhead module you would never expect to be – Share CRM Data with Your Partners

The usual modules that set some bumps in the way of completing it are the parts of the Superbadges section, I mean they were made this way by design. But as it turns out there are some tricky surprises that hiding inside the guided project modules too. The one that got me tripped is a part […]

Quick note on the CURRENCYRATE function (Spring 18′ Release)

This Currency related formula functions very much expected by many users having clients across borders. When it finally came out in Spring 18′ Release I was very optimistic about its functionality – expecting it would return a server value similar to NOW() function. Sadly, it didn’t. What it does is just returns the Exchange rate […]