A short story of an AdBlock and Pardot’s broken interface

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Hello guys, I just came across an incompatibility issue between the Pardot and uBlock plugin.

In a usual sunny day, I was about to start a config of a new account for a client and when I travel back in CSS-free time as soon as I land to the login page.

Here is what my login page looked like:

And here is my Pardot interface:

Pretty, hein?


It took me a while to realise what’s going on.

I started by switching browsers – and that worked just fine, back to the usual pretty Pardot. (–> so it wasn’t Pardot issue)

Then I went back to Chrome but under another Persona/Gmail Account. And it was all good too.

But when I came back to my usual session, hello CSS-mess, again.

Next step was console logs – and oh boy, that one was full of errors ;))) The “ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT” was a queen of the parade. And that could only mean that issues are coming from a plugin.

I could have seen it earlier if I looked at the “12 blocked” counter on the uBlock plugin (picture below), but you know “selective attention” feature we all humans have.

Anyway, as soon as I whitelisted Pardot on the uBlock, it all went back to normal. Hooray!

Drop me a note if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Pardoting guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

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