Tricky Trailhead module you would never expect to be – Share CRM Data with Your Partners

The usual modules that set some bumps in the way of completing it are the parts of the Superbadges section, I mean they were made this way by design. But as it turns out there are some tricky surprises that hiding inside the guided project modules too.

The one that got me tripped is a part of the Community trailmix – Share CRM Data with Your Partners.

If you had some troubles there as well, read on the quick tips – tricks – debugging notes from my experience.

  1. ISSUE/ Step: Set Up Account Roles and the Role Hierarchy  – Org Default Language

This is something mentioned in all of the module descriptions but most of the time it doesn’t really impact anything. Except for this project, the English not being a default language of the org add some extra debugging half-hours for the Challenge.

As I have already reached the maximum of 10 Trailhead playgrounds limit, I have created a developer edition. While doing so I have specified France as a country of my residence and the org language was set to French.

Thought my admin user language was changed to English, the default org language was still French.  The problem manifested itself during the Set Up Account Roles and the Role Hierarchy step.

As it turns out the org language impact the naming conventions for the automatically created roles (aka community roles). And in my case, the required “Edge Communications Partner Manager” was created as “Edge Communications Utilisatuer Partner – Responsable” which generated the 

“Step not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong: 
Assign theEdge Communications Partner Manager to Sean Forbes…”



In order to debug this, you need to first switch that Default Org Language to English

  1. Go to Setup – Company Information
  2. Click Edit – change Default Org Language value to English – click Save

  1. Now you need to disable the Community users that you have previously created (from their contact record)

  1. Re-enable the same Contacts as users (this time the roles will be created in English). And Bingo!


  1. ISSUE/ Step: Use Sharing Rules for External Users

Another pitfall can wait for you here. The way it manifests itself is the error message you get when trying to validate

“Step not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject”

The reason for this is what I had to do as a debug in the Step above – disabling and re-enabling partner portal users. When that gets done the system keeps the users first and last names as is but changes the email address and turns them info “inactive”.  And as it turns out the validation script is based on the first and last name. So when it finds the first user with a target First and Last Name (ex. Sean Forbes) that is inactive the end result is what you get in the error message – List of Apex doesn’t have any active users among the selected ones.

This is an empirical reverse-engineered understanding based on what worked for me, so not sure if this exactly accurate. The idea is that it just gives an indication of the key elements that contribute to the bug.



If you haven’t disabled any users that are mentioned you won’t face this bug. If you are facing the bug here are the steps of fixing the issue:

  1. Go to Setup – Users
  2. Find all Inactive users that have one of the following first and last names Sean Forbes, Rose Gonzalez, Babara Levy, Josh Davis
  3. Change the first and last names for this users to any other value (see the screenshot)










  1. ISSUE/ Step: Use Sharing Rules for External Users – Opportunity Access

This step gave me yet another headache. After I have the SQL error got sorted out I’ve kept on receiving a new one

“Sean Forbes doesn’t have access to the Edge SLA opportunity. Redo the steps to give him access.”

After having 5 times triple checked the instructions, I’ve changed the  Edge SLA opportunity owner to Sean Forbes but the error still showed up.


Then I got angry and changed the OWD for opportunities to Public Read/Write for both internal and external users. That worked 😉


If you get any other issues on the way or can’t debug the above mentioned, drop me a note below.


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  1. So useful and helpful!
    Thanks so much, Ekaterina.

    1. Ekaterina Geta says: Reply

      Thank you for your feedback. I’m happy to help!

  2. Thank you for taking time to write the article!
    Going through the same module and experiencing the same errors.

    1. Ekaterina Geta says: Reply

      You are welcome!

  3. This module is unbelievable ! At least I’ll never forget to change language now. I was stuck and pretty annoyed with “Sean Forbes doesn’t have access to the Edge SLA opportunity. Redo the steps to give him access”. Thanks A LOT !

    1. Ekaterina Geta says: Reply

      Hello Laurie,

      I’m glad that it helped!! You are very welcome!

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