[DAY +19] We loose some, we win some…

Forty for you, sixty for me. And equal partners we will be.  Joan Rivers

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After the yesterday’s flop face down I didn’t have an overboard desire to keep on going today. Neither to write in the morning. I guess the saturation really got to its top level…
Another group project which is the 3rd in the program and the 2nd for me (as I didn’t register for the one last week). And the lucky coincidence that this one is based on the RUSH00 that I have done, so I’m not completely lost! One more positive into this activity basket is the Group. It’s a wild suggestion but I have a suspicion that the Group Assigning algorithm is one of the loyal readers of my blog: last time I had the RUSH I asked it to repeat it’s great job it did with the first group and make the next RUSH as great of an experience. And this time (surprise surprise) it sorted out yet another fantastic group with the brain power included. And it also took into account my bad memory for names and so I have Tony and Tony in my team (very handy!!).
As easy as the task seems when you read it, it’s, in fact, a hell of a complex thing (well, for those of us who are not lucky members of the “genius” community,  like yours truly…). And so the Brain Power @Tony had to do all the heavy lifting for this one. And he kindly let me and the other @Tony code the easy part of the task, so that we feel that we were essential to the project as well! Thank you, Tony!
To be fair thought, I did gain some extra points! If there is one thing I really mastered during the 3 weeks at 42, it would definitely be the Norm!! This on is my alley hands down! When I was reading the code this evening I saw couple of norm mistakes in the “text” and decided to check all the submitted files versus the norm. The Norm-tuned eye of mine wasn’t wrong, it was indeed full of mistakes (well, those didn’t prevent the program to do its job flawlessly, but it still could result a 0 as a final note!). Though this find wasn’t that substantial for the core result it did save us one stupid mistake, and gave me a feeling of being a contributing member of the team after all.
No news on this front as I didn’t move any further except for the RUSH, but this one will only be graded next week.
EXAM02 – 22% – (Level 3) – FAILED
EXAM01 – 22% – (Level 2) – FAILED
D09 – 10% – 1xFAILED
D07 – 60% – 3xPASSED
D06 – 100% – 2xPASSED
D05 – 64% – 3xPASSED
D04 – 85% – 1xPASSED
RUSH00 – 120% 
D03 – 72% – 1xPASSED
D02 – 80% – 3xPASSED
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 4xPASSED 
1.RIGOROUS IS A PART OF THE GAME. Back to my exam fail I decided to work on my mistakes. And as my new best prof and a new best moral support – @Billy-2-in-1 did get the lucky win for the “Explain to Kate” lottery this morning. He was almost as hateful (which is the first thing you need to look for when want to progress in something hard that you have failed several times at) as my previous best prof @Arthur (that I have talked about earlier).
So I took the log from my exam and we looked into where and why my code didn’t work. And it turned out that most of my mistakes were due to lack of attention to the details (wrong spelling, one “;” too many, a wrong folder for the file submit)… Which reassuring on one hand, because it means I have a good logic and good understanding. But on the other hand, doesn’t really change the final note and makes me even more pissed off about myself.
So if I’m to give you an advice, check back your Exam log and work on your mistakes. And if you need a best and most hateful person for the role, I know just the perfect one! You must be prepared to rewrite all the exos you had wrong in 15 min each thought, but it does worth it! Thank you @Billy 🙂
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