[Day +18] Friday is a b..ch


“If Friday had a face, I would punch it!!!” Unknown

#MORNINFG ( 9:35)
It’s Friday! Which is in normal life means “YOOHOO” but at 42 Piscine is rather “If Friday had a face, I would punch it..” Because not only you feel really exhausted by the end of the week (considering that you don’t really have weekends, it’s would be more “by the end of 3 weeks”!) it’s also a day of the exam, which takes place from 18h to 22h.
And for my part I decided to really sleep in today, then write the blog to unplug the “code” from my brain for a while (and catch up on my delays, that aren’t only the case with the program but also with my writing) and then come in and do revisions on all the recent days rather than trying to run after the next day tasks.
And here goes my new record on the latest morning yet – and 10:30 as a show up time!
_START DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
_KEEP ON DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration) [improovement]
_STOP DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
#EVENING (23 : 40)
Another 22 on the exam, which is another fail but this one was still a bit better than the one last week. This time it was mostly due to the stupid mistakes rather than the lack of knowledge. I passed by the 42’s Classic fails on the exam which is to fail to print ‘a’ of the screen, to add up it was quite a time-consuming bug… 1h for the fail! Yeah! But strangely enough I the self-disappointment it caused gave a boost to my focus and energy to keep on going and I was fully concentrated up till the last 5 minutes of the exam.
And at the end, I did check yet another 42’s exam fail classics the Git Push (submit procedure command) that didn’t work! And so I have lost another potential 16 points! And added up one more fail to my already impressive list!
And it didn’t help to know that this time an average grade did raise substantially so I’m a proud member of the worse half (or the bottom 30 even…). SO the “concentrate on positive” function I wrote some days earlier does come in handy right about now.
And thus I decided to exploit some of my other talents (not really sure that “other” has its place here, in fact, as C does not really make the list) and do some parts of the film I’m planning to produce put the memories into the motions picture format next to the text I do put in here. With the hope that it would help me find my inspiration back!
D08 + EXAM02
Today was a brain sharing between some revisions on the previously submitted tasks that I have seen before on the exam and those that I had been struggling to do previously. And one eye was popping up to the D08 so that I have the illusion that I’ve been moving forward on the DAYS program.
So the DAY08 we had .h and #ifdef #ifndef. As it’s often the case with any new subject for me, I’ve got the general idea but have a big trouble seeing why and how this thing is useful and thus having trouble putting it into practice. So the Day08 only got 1-eye attention and a little fraction of the brain involvement so far.  And the results didn’t move anywhere (well, I did add one fail to be exact)
EXAM02 – 22% – (Level 3) – FAILED
EXAM01 – 22% – (Level 2) – FAILED
D09 – 10% – 1xFAILED
D07 – 60% – 3xPASSED
D06 – 100% – 2xPASSED
D05 – 64% – 3xPASSED
D04 – 85% – 1xPASSED
RUSH00 – 120% 
D03 – 72% – 1xPASSED
D02 – 80% – 3xPASSED
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 4xPASSED 
_HIGHTLIGTS: 0 entries (the geeks’ for “no inspiration”)
_CHALLENGES: 0 entries (the geeks’ for “no inspiration”)
_SPECIAL COMMENTS: 0 entries (system maintenance, check again later/the geeks for “no inspiration”)

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