[Day +08] Arrays, tables and a slow brain


“You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.” Unknown

#MORNINFG (7:30)
1.Putting the headphones the right way (special @Maxime) 😂😂😂. This one is another attempt of setting an objective for myself to stay concentrated  during the day. The best way to achieve it so far was to create a music bubble and stay isolated from the fantastic group (or a sub-cluster rather 😂) of mine. I think I need to clarify here: the challenge is that my neighbours are so cool and fun that it’s hard to stay on the task when they are constantly joking!
As for the headphones part, yesterday I have test drove the real headphones that were kindly lent to me by Maxime (an already student who found our little corner to be a perfect place to work). An amateur music expert as I am, I don’t really know much about the headphones. And as I have discovered the ones that belong to Max have a super duper noise reduction technology, and they are also adapted to the ear anatomy (yeah, imagine that) so it really makes a difference  when R and L are at its places. Anyway, I do apparently have a special talent as I did manage to put them a wrong way almost every time I took them off haha.  Which made Maxime think that I do it on purpose, but after some time he found it quite consistent with my Z-A ways of doing things.
All this long introduction is the way to set back to the most repetitive subject I do mention – maybe this is a sign that I need to sleep more )))
2. Getting up early.  (Jeez even myself I find it too repetitive, promise I will stop talking about sleep… one day aha). But on the daily schedule topic, today I felt particularly great waking up to the morning sun. And I have had an overboard motivation to start the working day early. SO tomorrow I will try to match @Gabriel’s challenge and get to the school by 8.00 at the latest and 7.30 if possible.
1. Making a perfect working space: on the similar subject regarding the work, the thing  I found really important is the place! I definitely like our little area in the beginning of e2, but it’s only since 2 days that I have realised that my perfect spot is the corner chair next to the window. For one it’s great not to get distracted (by people passing by, correctors coming it etc) and it’s also a great spot to feel cosy and sunny at the same time. Once the spot is chosen there are couple more important things to do, that I call morning work place routines:
Clean the keyboard (really do this! They are disgusting!)
Clean the table (less so, but still, it’s better be cleaned)
Clean the screen if possible (screen cleaning seems to be one of the most popular TIJ tasks (aka punishments for breaking the 42 rules) so you might have to wait until 10 a.m. before a penalised Swimmer starts the shift. But you can also try to ask the cleaning staff – which I usually do when arrive early)
Get the bottle of water filled (this is my personal obsession, but it’s important to drink a lot, and when you concentrating coding it helps to destress).
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And so those are kind of common objectives for today and tomorrow and I will try to stick to those for 24h from now.
#EVENING (23:37)
Overall today was quite productive. But as I’m still in the tail compared to my brainy neighbours, I feel that I’m moving too slow. I did plan to finish the D03 by the lunchtime and move on to D04, but here we are 23h and I didn’t really start the D04. And there are already quite a number of the D05 finishers… SO it does kick the pressure in).
Anyway, as  I always say I’m not really after the points and speed here but the learning and understanding. And I prefer to spend more time on a given subject but to be sure I understand it well, rather than get in the race for the fast and unthorough.
D03, D04 – Pointers and Chain Lists. As I said above I’m somewhat behind other students and the program deadlines thus I will only be able to tell you about the D03 and D04 (those who are on track should be D06 today).
I do have a better picture of those subjects compared to yesterday. The 10-people explanation technique does really work for me.  Now I need  to practice, write, erase, repeat.
Even though I feel like I ‘m progressing slow I have had a good jump forward today. First of we had the Group project defence that went really well and we got 120/100 (20 extra points for doing the bonus tasks). And I have also validated the D03 on my first submit. So not the overall picture is the following
RUSH00 – 120% 
D03 – 72% – 1xPASSED
D02 – 80% – 3xPASSED
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 4xPASSED 
The biggest highlight of the day was an unexpected present (or a joke, but I love it so much that I do take it as a present) from the staff.
To give you some context, when you go in or out the 42 there is a voice welcome and goodbye messages. By default, there are several versions of saying Hello, or Bye, followed by the first name of the badge holder.
When you are a student, you can earn virtual Wallets money that then can be used to buy the goodies or the prizes. One of the items in the shop is a personalised music for the badge. Which is, unfortunately, unavailable for the Swimmers.
The staff members can, of course, personalise those any time (and I believe each have their own version already in place).
When I once left the school I heard the Russian Hymn and with the help of the reception desk manager I discovered that this one belonged to Sebastien. But I didn’t manage to meet him in person since then.
Now the long introduction, last night when I was leaving the school at 00.30 a.m. instead of the usual “See you soon, Ekaterina” the badge machine played the Russian hymn that normally belonged to Sebastian. As I was out late I thought that I must have missed him leaving school the at same time as I did. But this morning I have discovered that I do have this music every single time I pass the leave gates. Well this said I’m also greeted as Sebastian instead of Ekaterina, but this doesn’t really bother me ) cuz the music part is  really cool, and if it makes me Sebastien for a while I don’t mind)))
As I didn’t know how long this cool mistake (or the intentional swap) going to last I did make the video and then showed it to every member of our sub-cluster haha. And as 5 of us went out to eat pizza across the street today, I had an opportunity to do life performance.
To sum up, I have no idea who have done this (it’s surely one of the members of the staff) but I  definitely do enjoy the present!! And I’m trying to come up with a way to say “thanks” that would be as awesome. So the message @Bocal, I’m preparing the matching brain present in return. Delivery previewed on Thursday or Friday. And before then I will keep on making 3 circles on my entrance-exit-entrance route to enjoy the music haha.
Thank you again!
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@Bocal – the coolest staff team in the world (reference HIGHLIGHTS)

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