[Day +09] Recursivity and the broken phone

“It’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of the one you don’t.” Unknown

#MORNINFG (7:02)
This morning my muse took a day off, so don’t really have much to say. Oh yes, the objective set yesterday is almost achieved, not 7h30 but still with the early morning sun. And today I need to speed up to cover the D04 and D05, I’m thinking of testing the parallel work on those. As my group is ahead of me I don’t feel that I contribute much, so would really like to catch up with everyone’s level.
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1. Doing circles at the entrance. I’m still a big fan of my little exit music haha So the real tough objective is to stop doing enter-exit-enter-exit-enter-exit-enter every time I get to the badge station haha. Will keep you posted on how this goes :))
#EVENING (22:17)
The muse didn’t come back, as a result I have trouble finding something interesting to put together, so I will stay on facts and keep it short (lucky you short text lovers).
D04 – Recursivity.
I did start the subject this morning and as always had some trouble getting how does it work.  The good news though is that unlike previous topics I wasn’t stuck for long (I guess it does get better with time) and by the 10 a.m. the new neuronal connections were in place so I could move forward relatively fast. And as the exercises were math based I really enjoyed doing them. My usual Lucky 10 was reduced to the Lucky 3 for this topic if it goes this way I might soon manage to replace it by Lucky Google (well, to be honest, I actually doubt I will, but let’s be optimistic shall we).
So for the results, I did validate my D04, which is good in of itself but it not good enough with regards to the program… Tomorrow is the RUSH 24h that starts at 17:42 at in order to be able to accomplish all the exercies one should ideally be at the D06 before it starts, and it’s not exactly the case here…
This said the is one reassuring point: compared to the overall level of the other Swimmers I’m not that bad. It just so happens that I found a place in the middle of a very strong group where the only first I get is being the first one from the bottom of the list haha. But it’s better to be the last among the best than the first among the worst, right?  And it keeps me on my toes!
If you want to check where you stand in the August coders crowd here is the magic link
I did discover this one from already mentioned @Jack (the “hiding genius”) who happen to know couple more “hiding geniuses” who coded the website (they are the students already, but still genius applies here).
As for the numbers, here is where I stand:
D04 – 85% – 1xPASSED
RUSH00 – 120% 
D03 – 72% – 1xPASSED
D02 – 80% – 3xPASSED
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 4xPASSED 
1.BROKEN PHONE 😔 This one is more of a LOWLIGHT… After 100+ fall and pirouettes my phone has successfully performed it has decided to make a bad today. And so my screen is totally weirding out and I now have to find time to get it fixed, which does not fit in my agenda at all… So this morning didn’t start on the high note, in addition to being slow (as it seems to become tendency now) on the new subject I have been completely unnerved by this accident. But hey, one distraction less it is! (I try to keep my concentrating on positive attitude)
2.BADGE MUSIC. My unexpected present from yesterday still makes me smile ear-to-ear every time I pass the badge gate))). And so, my morning objective was gloriously failed again and circles at the entrance are still a part of my daily routine haha.
And I found the person who did it, and in addition to the exit music I now have a greeting message in Russian!! Which is a double positivity boost (so I have no excuse for a low energy or lack of motivation now).
And in the spirit of giving back, there is a returning present for @Seb/Beeone that is in the process of preparation 😃   To give you a sneak pick : it’s a scavenger Hunt. But as there are Rush and Exam that are coming, I have to postpone the reparation till the next week.
1.HELP or NO HELP. Each one’s working strategy depends on the objectives they fixed for this month. As I have said it many times already, I came here to enjoy the experience as much as possible regardless of the final results and also to learn the most I can. So when it comes to my approach to the ways of learning and, by extention, my attitude towards the help (or rather the extent to which I’m using it) it is defined by those two.  As impatient as I am I really lose my cool very fast, and when I find myself running is circles after 2-3 unsuccessful attempts to find an answer on my own, I directly fall into a reflex to ask for the ready answers.
Thinking of this approach I’m often ambivalent in my own evaluations. On the one side, it fits very well with my general approach to life and work which is 80/20, or minimum effort – maximum result. On the other hand, the 42’s philosophy implies that you have to pass through struggle to get to the stars (or at least through the 50% of struggles on a given day haha) and thus my constant reflex to ask for the ready answers or “please help me find what I coded wrong” might be also the sand that I thought into the wheels of my own progress. But next to it I might also be the best strategy to ensure that I will keep on moving.
Whichever of the two it is, I think that both a legitimate, it just comes down to find your own threshold and push yourself just a little harder every time but making sure that you don’t overdo the job and burn out half way. So my answer on the above – definitely HELP!
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@Jack (the “hiding genius” who knows other members of his species and always make me discover very useful info and shared the great links)
@Seb from Staff (for the 10 extra point to my mood every morning :))
@Charly from Staff (for the amazing emails, where he manages to say really serious things with a flamboyant and humorous tone. I might need to get some lessons to try get somewhere near that with my writing. But I’m afraid it will have to wait the end of the Piscine. So for now, you have no choice but bear my amateur attempts of being funny)

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