[Day + 05] – RUSH00 & Sastanua


“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

#MORNINFG (6:52)
Early up today, following the 9h recovering sleep (God Knows I needed it)! Morning workout, express apartment cleaning, express manicure (God knows I needed it 😂😂😂), I’m headed to 42 for the first Team Project (“Rush00”). I’ve already managed to get in touch with both of my team members (which is apparently not the case for everyone).  Well, to be more precise they did get in touch with me (go proactive approach).  So the Special comments #PEOPLE will get the 2 new names @Geoffrey/gverhous and @Gaetan/gavizet  this evening haha. If you are reading this, guys I did warn you – everything goes on the record, be nice :))))))
_START DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration”)
1. Have a good night sleep (Yeah I know, this one becomes redundant, but I hopefully will stick to the objectives I set for myself every morning and stop talking about it). After 3 nights of 4h-sleep I did realise that it’s definitely a wrong way to go! As it is I was awake and happy (not depressed and gloomy as I would expect myself to be) BUT this did come together with the high level of cortisol! That is never good. So I did have a lot of energy but I didn’t manage to produce any meaningful outcome for the whole day. And when I measured my heart rate during lunch and it was 95!!! This counting that my highest rate after sport is lower than that! So I figured that it won’t end well and I need to get back in my rails beforehand.
1.Failing exams… Well this one is a big disappointment of yesterday which still kicks my brain. Even though I do the part of the majority (well, 42 is a unique place where even among the above-average-smart crowd 70% fail at the exam). But this one is only coming in a week time. And for now Group Project and Personal project are in order.
2. Procrastinate. This one is  getting closer and closer to being added to “crucial items to deal with” list. For the one whole day I did not progress a dent! I think it’s partly related to the pressure drop down (after a successful validation of D00 et D01). The positive effects of decreased stress level,  however, are  so much so that it starts to transform into a negative one. To be more precise I dropped from the Ferrari speed to the turtle (or snail). But I think that the second reason is in fact the sleep mess up. Now when this one is back to order I plan to get back on the highway and run full speed.
#EVENING (23.14)
_OVERALL: well, the sleep before 23 objective is failed again haha, but we are Saturday after all so I can permit myself a weekend schedule and go to bed later (when work is a pleasure it can count for rest, right?). Anyway, the second of the 2 objectives from this morning (the full speed one) is at 60%, the goal is 220 km/h and I was more around 185!
_TOPIC: RUSH 00 (the 42’s for Group project) & SUSTANTUA (personal project, that I haven’t started yet…)
Both have the same submission deadline –> tomorrow. But I did concentrate on the RUSH more (or ONLY, to be more precise)
RUSH: The topic itself was considerably easy. I did manage to construct the algorithm on my own (to segment the whole task into parts and map how to transform it into code). Afterwards, writing the code itself was a bit more challenging, but luckily I have a great group. And I’m sure that when they defined the groups they did pick ours on the dress-code criteria (I would call it Man in Black, but the program would bug…) (yeah, ok this joke wasn’t exactly funny, but I’m a newbie the geeks world,  and it has to start somewhere)
  IMG_0254 IMG_0255
I had trouble taking picture of those 2 however, as it turns out some have more trouble smiling to the camera that writing code (go figure!)
Anyway, back to the project, basically we had a simple figure to print out with code. The whole subject has 6 different versions and each group is assigned with one, but can submit more to get extra point.
I’m sure each group has it’s was strategy of how do they do the projet. For our part we started with Geoffrey in the morning and Gaetan did join us after the lunch. The way we decided to start is that each one tries to find the solution on it’s own during the first our then we share the progress and continue apart till the lunch. And once the third member arrives (which was supposed to be ur brain power (@Gaetan it was Geoffrey’s phrase, not mine) :))) we will cross-explain the progress and decide on the common direction that we will submit.
By the time the brain force joined the group we were pretty far in the understanding and code of the solution so we decided to submit all 6 for the extra points.
And as for the special comments, I must say that more people I get to know at the school (so far, and with some exceptions of course) I’m in constant awe with the personalities I meet. Including the fact that 8-10 year difference is almost unnoticeable (i term of maturity and the conversations, but then again maybe it’s me who is far behind for my age hahah). All this just the other way to say that I still love the every bit and part of the 42 experience and I didn’t regret any second (well maybe at the 4th submit of D00, i had a small one in the back on my mind) to use my vacation for this.
SUSTANTUA: I haven’t really started this one… From what I’ve heard it’s quite a “casse tete” (have trouble finding the English equivalent –> google translate) and asI still have an unfinished arm-wrestling with the J02 ex04, I figured I will concentrate on this one. Plus I had a great prof today –> HIGHTLIGHTS
_RESULTS: Not really impressive… I basically didn’t progress since 2 days… (in we don’t take into account an outstanding performance on the Exam). And just when I listed those I have realized just how late I am… But as it’s already f…ing midnight again I will panic about it tomorrow!
RUSH00 – IN PROGRESS (80% done)
SASTANTUA (@42 does anyone know why it’s called so weirdly, apart from the obvious “Because 42”): NOT STARTED 
D02 – IN PROGRESS (still 4/8 …)
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 3xFAILED 4xPASSED 
1.SLOW BUT IN WRIGHT DIRECTION. Even though I did not move in terms on quantity I do progress in terms of understanding. And it is the fact the objective I did set for myself. I intentionally decided not to move on unless I can do and redo the ex04 by myself and from the scratch. As such I already know the solution (even the solutionS) as in my quest for understanding I did apply the same strategy as for the C logic, the other day – socializing and asking questions. And it seems that 10 is really my lucky number haha (not sure that the 10 I have in mind sharing the same emotion haha).
And today’s special thank you goes to my new favourite PEER-PROF @Arthur/argirin who manage to find the way to explain the task the way I have finally got it (or almost). What was really good in his teaching method (gosh, sound so university like) was the fact that rather than explaining how to solve the problem in hand he gave me 5 more (et, oui!) that are not on the official list. And with each next was just a little bit harder than the previous one. And as the objective I have is to UNDERSTAND before anything, I’m happy to have spend more time on these 5 (as if you don’t have enough already – said her “cut-the-bullshit-it’s-procractination” subconscious). Anyway, if you are stuck and need some extra practice –> @argirin is your man! (and if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you will know that he was not happy about this free pub hahah). And as I say to all the victims of my lucky pick for “can you explain X for dummies” – I will pay in chocolate :)))
2.FREE HELP (THE 42s VERSION OF FREE HUG): the other one – if you are good with basic calculations, you must have been wondering already of the total number of the recruits I made for this professor (=aka victim) role. The answer is >25 (I will count the exact number, I’m curious too). And so the HELP at 42 is like a FREE HUGS, sometimes you don’t even need to ask for it. Then again I’m a girl (which is like a limited edition here + among he limited editions I’m an exclusive version (yeah I know, I’m very modest indeed), but then again maybe that gun in my back pocket have something to do with rasing my persiuasivemeness levels a bit :))
Anyway, whatever is the reason for those who offer their help, I’m a taker haha. Just like in the real life we play our Strengths, and I try to play mine 😉  And I sometimes helpful in return (at, least it’s what I say to myself haha)
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@Arthur/argirin (Reffer to the HIGHLIGHTS);
@Geoffrey/gverhous and @Gaetan/gavizet  (my partners in crime for the RUSH00) – I will tell what I really think about those two after 23.42 tomorrow as we still need to finish the project together 😂😂😂😂
And with this I will leave you and say hello to my pillow (well, pillows, there is 5 of them)

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