[Day +04] Exam machine – gloriously failed


“We are all failures- at least the best of us are.”  ― J.M. Barrie

#MORNINFG (10:26)
1. Go to bed before 23.00.
This one is becoming alarmingly repetitive… I really need to get the bed time in check! Yesterday (or rather today) I head met the pillow only at 3.30 a.m. And I still keep on waking up at 7 a.m without any alarm! And  the third 4h-night in a row starts to develop  its negative effects.
_KEEP ON DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
1. Go to bed after 23.00.
Yes, this one is a real star of today’s log. Truth be told however I didn’t just waste my time yesterday I suddenly god an aha-moment of my relationship with C that turned from hostile to BFF and so I was sketching out the solution for the ex04 that I stucked yesterday. And I have couple of algorytmes to try out today.
And as today is the 1st Exam-Machine (4h exam where only your head, pencil and keyboard allowed), I decided to sleep in this morning to get the head fresh for when it starts – 18.00 to 22.00 and thus the log time that is far  later compared to usual. And I do get out of Uber right now, so wish you a good day and will tell you the rest this evening.
#EVENING (D+1 10:14)
Well I have finally checked the Sleep objective that I set everyday and gloriously failed to meet several days in a row. So I did say hello to my pillow at 21h30 and all the way to 6h52 did enjoy the code free dreams. So this entry is a coming out the morning after. I will sure fill in all the sections later, but for now I will just do some on the Exam Machine and will go do my group project.
D03 – Pointers in C. But truth be told I’m stil far behind (well not that far at D02) but still. So I won’t be able to say much on this one. I’ve got the basic idea from the videos but practice is a while different thing and on this one I really far behind… But hey, I tend to be better at sprints than constant pace so let’s consider I’m just in a recovery stage before my next full-speed distance.
_RESULTS: HereAnd here we are again, back to the failing team (well, the reassuring part It never gets lonely here haha, sacre 42).
D02 – IN PROGRESS (still 4/8 …)
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 3xFAILED 4xPASSED 
    1. Fail is normal. The majority does!
      As around 65% of fellow swimmers I did fail my exam00 before starting. To be more precise failed by default BECAUSE I didn’t manage to start it on time. As it always happen at 42 on your way to the expected result you have at least 5 possibilities to fail (and with the Piscine Declosone an unlimited number of possibilities to repeatedly fail on doing the same task). And in order to be able to pass the exam one had to:

      • Register for Exam Activity AND Exam Event
      • Register on time
      • DID NOT REGISTER for the TEST exam that was a big pop up window for the whole day yesterday
      • Get in the claster before 18 strict
      • Login with the Exam login and not their own
      • Find how to launch the exam (it goes without saying that no intructions were provided)
      • Launch the exam strictly before 18.10 (within first 10 min)
                       If you failed on one of the above your exam did finish in 11 minutes after the start (instead of 4 hours) and as I said around 65% did fail on at least one of the above. Me included.
It think that “frustration” is the in the TOP 3 methods in the program desc, but to tell you the truth it’s working. And as all the other things rules and way the teaching by failure makes this place so unique! And the more you move further the more you start treating the failure as a part of the process and you take it as a normal thing. Which, I must say, is one of the things I can already put on the list of the things I have gained during this amazing time called Piscine.


When in doubt ./sh Concentrate_on_positive.c! (my non-42 friends read the //section)
ekat      generate_positive(int i);
     int     yes;
     yes = 0;
     while (yes = 0)
          smile_and_be_happy (∞);
//if the number of yes = 0 ==> smile_and_be_happy. And repeat this indefinitely 🙂
In the spirit of concentrating on positive even there is always some to find. Back to the exam context, the fact to fail it also meant that I left school at 18 30, contrary to usual 23 or later. And so I and time to air my head on the walk back home, re-fill my fridge and talk to my friends over phone! As well as get 9h of sleep.
And I also had the time to realize just how much I enjoy every second of the experience! Even failures, the brain bugs and debugs, being given 20 to 22 y.o. (ok, you caught me on this one – that is in fact the main reason I went to the Piscine haha), the new friendships and the good overdose of the bubbly personalities around. I just wake up every morning and feel grateful and overjoyed to be a part of all this.
And for those who struggle or get discouraged by the 0 and retries, I would advice to take some distance and look at it as one great unique experience, with it minor set backs. For my part, whatever is the mail I receive at the end I will still be happy. Plus I have received the email that I was not selected for the 42 just 2 days in (in fact 3 of them ahah – here are the details – as it turned out by mistake), so the worst has already been there and it didn’t feel as the end of the world.

Todays people speacial will be in French  as I had trouble translating the quotes below. And the reward goes to @Paule/pavincen – qui illimune mes journee avec ca facon tres convenquinte de dire que j’ai fait 10 ans de moins que mon age (J’i vais suavegarder ton numero pour les moment de crise quand je panse d’etre trop vielle haha). Et celles-ci vont sur ma mure “smile and carry on”:

T: “T’as 28 ans? Tu les fait pas! Ah Paul, elle fait plus jeune.”
P: “Et fais plus jeune et surtout mignon”.
P: “Et ca faisait quoi quand t’avais genre 10 ans de moins?”
E: “Je peut te monter les photos de moi a 18 ans”
P: “Ah oui, je vois. Tu vieillir pas du coup.”
Quand mon ordi a decide de switch le output son de ma casque a l’output general et tout mes voisins out entendu ma musique
P: “Meme dans les choix de music on dirait que tu as 16 ans”



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