[Day +10] DAY09, or 24h @42

#MORNINFG (7h30)
 “I don’t make mistakes…I date them!”

It looks like the muse did take more than just one day off… Don’t know if it’s the lack of sun or some other reason, but I don’t really feel like writing these last 2 days. So the morning log will be merely these 3 sentences and the quote of the day. The evening one should be longer thought, as today we will start the famous DAY09 which is also known as 24-HOUR day @42.
So stay tuned for the evening post.
_START DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
_KEEP ON DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
_STOP DOING: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
#EVENING (22:04)
Overall I feel a weird shoot of the motivation and focus. And the weird part is that I don’t really know what the reason is. I wonder if It’s a normal down point on the half way through. Because compared to the previous minor down points I don’t really have any “I don’t get it fast enough”, “Give me a brain shoot, I’m stupid” kind of reflections.
So my thinking is that it’s a lack of sun plus the mid-point effect…
Today I am still in the process of doing the DAY05, which is one of the densest of the whole month: there are 25!!! exercises to submit (as oppose to the usual 9-11). And there are first 3 that are called “42-classics” that were already a part of previous days and that have to be done once more as they are corner stones of the C understanding. So I did concentrate on redoing them from scratch without looking on how have I done it previously –  to test my knowledge and prepare for the EXAM01 that is coming tomorrow.
And as I have told you previously I’m being very late: according to the program schedule Today we start the famous DAY09, which is a 24h + 4h challenge. Starting from 17:42 there will be 1 new exercise to submit every hour, and by the 17:42 next day we need to turn in as much as we can out of 23 total presented. And 18 minutes after the submission deadline the 4h Exam starts.
This one is an ultimate test for your organisation skills and overall approach to work, priority setting strategies, time management, group work and motivation.
D09 – IN PROGRESS (3/23)
D05 – IN PROGRESS  (5/25)
D04 – 85% – 1xPASSED
RUSH00 – 120% 
D03 – 72% – 1xPASSED
D02 – 80% – 3xPASSED
D01 – 65% – 1xPASSED 
D00 – 75% – 4xPASSED 
_HIGHTLIGTS: 0 entries (the geeks’ for “no inspiration”)
_CHALLENGES: 0 entries (the geeks’ for “no inspiration”)
1.TIME MANAGEMENT. As I have spoken of it several times already, the time management is one of the biggest challenges here. In particular, due to the fact that we are at the “declosonné” track: there are no imposed deadlines as such, apart from some minor exceptions.  And so it’s a much bigger test to the self-organisation and self-management compared to the standard version of the Piscine,  where the deadline are fixed as 23:42 each day. And from what I could observe the most performant stays those who did manage to keep the normal day-night schedule as oppose to testing the body and brain limits and being under impression that they a super-humans.
As I told you before I have luckily landed in the middle of a very strong group and as a coincidence, most of us are not staying at 42, which means we keep on with getting back home – going to school routine. And even if you come back very late and go to work very early the body clock stays more or less close to normal.
And it really shows! Especially when you have a 36-7 (work vs sleep) “I will work till I’m falling” swimmer, the difference is very evident. And as I wrote before, in the long run, the first one is winning. Especially if we put the results apart, the overall enjoyment of the experience day by day is hardly possible when you are a walking zombie.
The Piscine is maybe just one month of your life but the life, work and the world will always impose the pressure on you. And the real one will not be as nice as the 1-month bubble at 42, so for my part, the best lesson you can get out of the Piscine is to learn to push back and find a way to get the maximum results at a minimum cost.
Staff keep on delivering a great atmosphere every day. Each time they get a new trick out of their hat I tell to myself just how unique this place is! And I start to miss it before the time!
Today they have made a music challenge to give us some energy boost for the 24h coming (or in progress rather). At around 20h (3h after the start) they have launched the “GUESS WHO” challenge in which each cluster was a team. The idea was simple: they play a piece of music and Swimmers have to give the title of the song or the movie it comes from. The answers were to be typed in the Slack chat and the first one giving the correct answer wins. Simple.
The funny part is: there wasn’t even a prize for a winner but just as the Piscine itself, those who are here play the game for the game’s sake, not for the prize at the end. And when you like what you are doing the process is as rewarding as the result.
Oh and the winner was my favourite E2 )))
For the people part I keep on realising just how fast the friendships are built here. And just how lucky I was to meet such a fantastic group of people!! I do miss them all in advance!! As I watch on the clock I realise I don’t have nearly enough time to list all the things I love you guys for, so for now I will just list the names and the rest will come one day:
@Eric, @Gabriel, @Thomas, @MaximeG, @Billy, @Thomas, @Ben, @Axel, @John, @Kamel, @Clement, @Paul, @Corentin, @Pierre, @Fahd (and I’ve surely forgot to mentions some of you, but it’s just because it’s time to call it a night)

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