How to connect to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud FTP server ?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud FTP – connection guide:

When I had to get my export out for the first time I did struggle for 3 hours to figure out hot to get into the Marketing Cloud FTP folder where it was stored.

If you are a hopelessly struggling like I was here is your rescue boat (there are certainly other ways, I’m sharing the one I consider the easiest):

  1. First, you will need to download an FTP managing software.

My first reflex was trying to connect directly in a browser. Apparently, Chrome does not support this. Then I tried the Online options (I really didn’t want to download this software haha, vive le cloud) – net2ftp and onlineftp – no luck there either. In all of the cases above, I was getting the same “Cannot connect to server” error.

Thus, the software step. I tried a couple of different ftp clients and decided on CyberDuck – that you can download here.

  1. Get your connection credentials: Go to Administration – Account – FTP Accounts

Enters the details as follows on the screenshot.

FTP Connection Marketing Cloud

Et voila!

Feel free to ask any questions below!


4 Replies to “How to connect to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud FTP server ?”

  1. SO Helpful. Thank you!

    1. Ekaterina Geta says: Reply

      You are welcome, Melissa. Happy to help!

  2. Is the setup you’re referring to for the basic FTP setup or the enhanced FTP setup?

    1. Ekaterina Geta says: Reply

      Hello Paul,

      I was referring to the basic setup, but I think the same applied to the advanced.

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