Winter 18′ Release: Setting Task Reminders in Lightning

Salesforce Spring 18' Release 1

If you were used to Task Reminders in good old Classic, you probably found that there was no reminder field to set a reminder in Lightning. 

Good news, starting Spring 18′ it’s no longer the case.


Make sure your Reps never forget to follow-up with Task Reminders. As a sales rep, you need to manage many clients at once and to keep track of all the to-dos, manage a variety of actions that each have a specific milestones = statuses. When you put a task on your to-do list you need to be sure you’ll get reminded at the right time. Here is where Task reminders come in handy.


There is nothing to set up in Classic, Task reminders are there by default.



In Lightning, Task Reminders are available since Spring 18′, but they are not available by default. There are steps to perform in configuration to enable the Task Reminders.
NOTE: in order to be able to perform the following setup you need the following User Permissions:
  • Edit a page layout
  • Customize Application



The necessary field is not on the Tasks Layout by default. Thus, you need to add it:

  1. Go to Setup – Object Manager – Tasks – Page Layout
  2. Click on the Task layout
  3. Click on Fields – Search for Reminder Set
  4. Drag theReminder Set field  to the layout
  5. Click Save


Once you’ve done with the Lightning Setup, it’s a good idea to make sure that those also work with Mobile. There are a couple extra thing things to be checked to allow creation and edit of task reminders in Salesforce for Android, Salesforce for iOS, and Salesforce mobile web.


First, configure the Salesforce side, make sure the Show simpler New Task form setting is unchecked

  1. Go to Setup – Activity Settings
  2. Deselect Show simpler New Task form.

Second, make instruct Users for the Mobile configuration

Receiving reminders isn’t supported in Salesforce for Android, Salesforce for iOS, or Salesforce mobile web.

For your reps to receive reminders, you must enable Universal Notification Service (UNS). UNS is used for notifications in the Lightning Experience notification bell and is enabled by default.

NOTE 2: The New Task global action doesn’t support task reminders.

To dig deeper into the subject you can also check this article – task reminders limits.

You are all set now! You Sales Reps all remember their ToDos with Task Reminders!

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