[Day-2] Friends special, or the last weekend before the GO


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson

This one is a special post to all of my friends (on the outside haha). Basing myself on multiple and very reliable sources I have a suspicion that I will be pretty much living, eating and breathing 42 for the whole month of August.

So this journal will probably be the richest source of the news from my side during this time. And sharing my experience with friends is, in fact, one of the main reasons I decided to start it in the first place.

And I’ve decided it might be useful to draft a list of messages you must read with a great attention 🙂

So here it goes:

  • Even if I don’t answer any of your 10 messages last week, I still love you 🙂 And you will get all the answers on August 30th 🙂
  • Even if I said no to 5 dinners and a picnic invitation, it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to come. So keep on sending those in September
  • If you want to show how much you love me and care about my sanity don’t hesitate to bring your smiling face and vegan box lunch delivery to the school at around 12 30 (I will be there on weekends too…)
  • And the main one ,  if you identify any alarming signs of me turning into a geek beyond repairing point – come and kidnap me back to the real life. So here is the link the investigation materials to dig into for the alarming signs  and to check if I’m still alive and if my brain is functioning – getawayposts.com.

Love you all guys!


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