[Day-3] Set, or the community


 “You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend… I will train you”  Unknown

As promised earlier here  is the article  about the social part of the 42 experience. It would seem to be more logical if this one comes after I have spent some time at the school, rather than 3 days before even getting there. But the thing is that future peers start to build communities and get to know each other long before the Piscine even start.

The first place is,  of course, the Facebook. Once the Piscine sessions get open and people start registering the groups get created. I signed for my session (logically).  The nice part is that not only future swimmers become a part of it, but also current students that want to help those who are preparing to go the same path they went down a year ago.  This was one of the places I contacted a couple of this year students to learn how was it for them last year and for some tips on what to do before (most of which I did share in my previous post).

Surely technology-savvy crowd doesn’t stop with the Facebook, the trendy Slack did come into the game as well. This one was surely more interactive and a nice way to get to know some of the future peers. As well as a nice way to read some tech conversations I understood nothing about haha.

And contrary to what stereotypes say it’s not an online-only world. And there are quite some get-together events that take place now and then. I won’t be able to give you any more information on this one as I couldn’t fit any of those next to my work and sports schedule. but from what I heard it sure does worth attending.

To wrap it up it also worth saying that people are very open and ready to help. So back to my previous point on making friends that would be there to help you when you feel all stupid and desperate, and to share a celebration drink with you when you get the note you wouldn’t expect, it’s a great place to start!


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