[Day + 01] Intelligence is chasing me, but I’m beating it so far

“Deadline is not the line you cross it’s the line you go along”


#MORNING (7:42) (Not on purpose…)

Well, I’m waiting on my promises again and it’s only the second day. So my day didn’t start with the morning 5k, but I have almost a legitimate excuse for it – the rain outside. This said, my morning started with the short writing session instead. Hence the time of the log.

And I figured I will try to make some conclusion of the day before on how to be more productive and less stressed today. (Because even with 1h of yoga I sill feel constantly adrenalized which is not going to take me far…)

So here are some notes to self for the Day 01.

1. Breathe! Goes to my introduction, I need to find a way to keep my cool and relax under the pressure. So far, I’m not succeeding much at this, but I will get there (I hope).

2. Think! (and google)! And only them ask people around. As much as everyone is willing to help the thing I realised yesterday is that I’m feeling lost and have an impression not to get anything anymore when I fall into listening to the solutions found by my nearby peers.

1. Multitask and multitask. One of the main factors my stress is in fact not the pressure itself but my tendency act as if I had 5 pairs of ears and 10 pairs of hands.

2. Concentrate on numbers. One more thing I need to stop doing is to check up on the count of the exercises that people around me are doing. Because every time I do discover that 2-3 people are on ex07 when I’m still at ex03 I’m adding up a useless dose of stress


#EVENING (23:24)

Still SHELL (refer to D+00 if you don’t know what it is) which was a bit easier the 2 day around. And the reassuring part is that most of the things done yesterday are close to the reflexes just 10h later

On the schedule topic, I’m getting better at failing haha The 20:30 objective went to the corner cupboard already… But it seems like the 21:30 is not war from becoming its neighbour. Today my clock registered 21:58 at my exit. Apart from this, the day was easier in a way and harder in 3 other ways haha.

It seems like my body & brain are adapting to the pace (or the adrenaline glands are doing extra shifts), and I was still semi-productive by 20 (which yesterday ended up at around 17..)
To the 6/11 yesterday I did add another 3 this morning and so on the submission it was 9/11. And (surprise surprise) got FAIL and  5/100… Well, it’s better than 0 haha
The reason for that was the mistake at the EX02 and so the Moulinette did only count  the 1 EX as correct (even though I had 5/9 that were correct).
So I need to correct the mistakes and resubmit, and get re-corrected by 2 people and only then I will have the second round on the Moul = Final note. Hence the time of my exit today. I wanted to have the correction before I live, I did manage to get 1 and the second is 8:45 tomorrow. I cross fingers for the final result.
The thing with the EX 02 neither me nor any of 6 people I asked to help (3 correctors + 3 kind neighbours) did not find the mistake that Moulinette logged.. So I wait for the tomorrow’s check and if it doesn’t work again I will redo it from scratch and if it still doesn’t I will go see the staff… So the news on this one tomorrow morning.
  1. ITS GETTING BETTER: yesterday at the middle of the day I was close to ready to give at least 5 times. and when I came home I was literally crushed, squeezed and drained of energy. Night wasn’t as restful either, all the adrenaline and brain rollercoaster did not do any good to my sleep: I did wake up 3 times at night and I had dreams about the terminal and commands (Jeez…). But as I like to say, new day is a new beginning and today I did feel better. In the morning you realise that what seemed difficult yesterday is considerably less so today and you feel much more confident when tackling the next part.
  2. PATIENCE: this one is still relevant (and I suspect will be so for some days to come, potentially for around 28 days haha). First, as it seems to become somewhat normal, the system only starts working properly in the afternoon.  As I did discover later, the normal way the evaluations are supposed to happen is the following: once you submit the EX, you choose 2 time slots when you will be peer-corrected. Once the 2 are done, the Moulinette (the automatic correcting program does it’s validation directly) and you get your final score. But for my part, I did have 6h delay on that part. At first, I though that I need to Peer-Correct 2 other people before I get the score. And thus I did set all the open slots for this afternoon and for 3 days to come. For around 4 hours I got no one to correct and then it felt all at once (my suspicion it did happen right at the moment when system go back on its rails): so I got my FAIL and 4 people to correct one after another (which took me a whole good 1h30 min) with the weight of the fact that I need to re-do-re-submit-re-peer-corrected and potentially repeat… But it worth saying that this time wasn’t wasted because ->>
  3. WE LEARN WHEN WE TEACH : and here goes the biggest highlight of today was the first peer-to-peer corrections. As did arrive quite early today and submitted my D00 at around 10:30. I did manage to get 2 corrections (before the lunch). At the moment of the corrections the content of the submitted solutions was still quite fresh in my memory and as it turned out my “correctors” were quite new to the experience, so they djudgeude that all the 9 exes were correct. BUT the Moulinette did not agree …  BUT it doesn’t matter much, the main thing is to learn. And it turned out that with each correction (3-IN -when I dot corrected and 4-OUT – when I did correct others) the knowledge really gets to the next level of understanding which I would call the “assimilation” or “integration”. The unexpected part to the P2P is that it often happened to be inverse (I was taught some stuff i didn’t know during my OUT corrections, because my corregee did more than me in fact and was nice enough to explain how and why; and the opposite I did teach some things to my correctors).
And one more thing that came as a positive and unexpected surprise is the spirit of the exercise, it’s the point when I really start to feel the 42’s atmosphere to it’s fullest – helping, collaborative, smart and fun. And I must say it’s quite addictive 😃
At this point I’ve just missed my newly set sleeping deadline (that was amended from 22:00 to 00:00) and thus I leave you with the traditional quote of the day:
“Intelligence is chasing me, but I’m beating it so far”

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