[Day +02] Don’t panic!!!

“Funny, how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does.” – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


#MORNING (5:48)


1. Waking up early. This one is closely tied to the #1 from the Stop section below. As I did wake up at 5:30 today, I figured I will try it out. It seemed to be quite productive yesterday. But at the same time, I realized I only had 4h of sleep today and it’s not going to end well if I keep on with such a schedule… But let’s try to enjoy what falls into our way.
2. Running (or doing other sport). And with this early start of the day, I do have time for a morning run. I hope it will do good to my head. Yesterday and the day before I did walk to and from the school which is 20-25 min walk and I figured I will keep on doing this on the days when I can’t squeeze any other sport.

1. Prepare my food in advance. This one is a real time saver and productivity gainer. Even though it takes me quite an effort and a great deal of Lego skills (to come up with somewhat tasty/original box make out of pre-cooked building block) it comes up very handy during the day as I know I will always have a healthy lunch, snacks and protein cocktails (which depending on the day becomes an early dinner or a snack) up and ready. So I can get the fuel whenever is most needed without comprising my health (=long-term energy levels, they will need to stay continuously high if I plan on getting to the end of this thing with somewhat good results).
2. Walking. -> Reference the #2 from the Start section for more details.
1. Go to bed late… Given the log time today, I let you conclude that sleep didn’t do a step in the right direction… And thus a must-meet deadline for today is to sleep at 22.00! Yesterday it was about 1:00 a.m. As I needed a long yoga session to calm my thoughts down…

And with this early and brief, I will go do the first one from the Start section = run!


#EVENING (21:45)
_OVERALL: it’s the end of the day3 (or 02 at the 42’s counting) and I can confirm that not only does it get better, but it also gets addictive! Yesterday I did change the place again and I just love working with my new group (which is not an official group per ce, but we have 8-10 people who sit around the same area and so it makes a small cluster in a big cluster (42’s terminology to name each of 3 floors that are a big open space counting in about 300 Macs each). So the group is really cool (not sure if the feeling is mutual though, but as they kindly keep my place when I delog from my comp I’m optimistic 😂😂😂).
_TOPIC:  Introduction to C (D02). I won’t be able to say much more about it except the title as I am still enjoying the good, the bad and the ugly of the Piscine “Décloisonné” (more details in the Results). I was overperforming on my evaluator duties and testing my perseverance levels. And all this was because of the … –>
_RESULTS: …–> results of my D00… and due to the mentioned above mode of the Piscine that has been chosen for our session – Piscine Décloisonné”… For the other type (Piscine Cloisonné) once you submit the D00, you move on to the D01 no matter the points you got. So one might have been on the D10 and still have the score 0 for all the previous days. As opposed to our session when one CAN’T move forward unless the D-2 was validated, no matter how many times it had to be re-worked…
The underlying intention is surely a good one – make sure one understood the exercises of the previous level before moving forward. Except that in reality, it turns into a big frustrating experience… Well, I think I will do a special article with the summarised feedback from the Swimmers on the way this works.
Bottom line as of today is:
D00 – 3xFAILED 4xSUBMITTED (corrections tomorrow morning)
D01 – 1xSUBMITTED (corrections tomorrow morning)
_HIGHTLIGTS: 0 entries (the geeks for “no inspiration)
  1. DON’T PANIC! This famous quote from the 42’s favourite “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” was never as on point as today. Straight after my “I’m a winner” spirit after the morning run I felt 10 floors down straight to the Panic whole… On my walk back from the park I had a wrong idea to check my emails… And I did find 3 emails one after another saying that smh like “we regret to inform you but following your recent Piscine results you can’t continue the 42’s experience”. And just the day before that someone told me that I shouldn’t register for the days in advance as once I do there are 48h to finish and submit the expert. And then I did check the time of the mail and it was 23:50 which coincidentally fit perfectly with the assumption that I didn’t submit the D01 execs before the 23:42 and thus I missed the deadline Moulinette checked that I didn’t and so I’m unregistered by default… (as they say as fear has the magnifying eyes, and I would add, the panic is 10 times that). So this steel logic did turn get me to the point where all the blood drained from my face and brain at once regardless the after run heat… The following was a left-hand-half-brain panicky texting to 2 of the current students I know at 42 with the ring of the above assumptions and working out the arguments speech on “why do you need to let me continue to do the Piscine and if you don’t I will still come, I don’t care that I won’t have a login or possibility to submit the exercises, I will keep on working with the group on my own PC…” All this in parallel with getting ready (preparation from shower – lunch box assemblage – dress-up – make-up – breakfast and headphones search) to get in time for my 8:45 morning correction counting at least 15 min for my artfully scripted pitch on why they need to let me keep on doing…
  2. And on the background though was keeping in mind the highlight from yesterday on being optimistic and hoping that it’s just another bug and I have been sent the final results mail that with the results addressed to July’s Swimmers.
  3. One thing (or in fact, two) were sure at that point. First, I have realised just how much I got motivated to keep on going regardless of all the bumps and challenges. And second, I was set on finding the solution no matter what.
  4. Luckily enough the optimistic assertion turned out to be corrected and I was once again a lucky victim of the system bug…
Challenge#1. Relax… I still need to manage this one. But I  don’t think I will get there unless I start leaving earlier… The best coping mechanisms I found by now are the hot bath, yoga and some tips from my osteo (which are somewhat acupuncturist techniques)… On the bright side, I’m turning into a self-taught acupuncturist with myself as a guinea pig… But it’s better than the aspirin! Or caffeine. So I will have this challenge checked once I stop seeing the “git push” commands in my dreams (and the song of the day will be “I need a doctor” Dre ft Eminem 😂😂😂).
Challenge#2. Keep on moving through the frustration. As I have briefly explained, the rules of our piscine session have changed compared to the previous one and so now you can’t move to the next Day unless you got the PASS on the day -2. Meaning that you can’t do the D02 before getting the pass on D00. And the worst part is that there are no limits to the number of “retry” you just have to redo it till you get the pass… So we are D02 today and I still didn’t validate the D00. Apart from the fact that you have to redo the whole thing, it’s very time consuming as each retry means 4 more peer2peer corrections which can take the whole day depending on the slots available…
And the pressure builds up as you have the weight of the fact that you are VERY late and it will probably not get any better for the days to follow… But the challenge is to keep on smashing the wall past the frustration and just check-recheck-correct-feedback-Moulinette-repeat. And it’s definitely getting everyone out on the heels from their comfort zone. And I believe (or hope) that I will be thankful for the experience when looking back afterwards.
Today I wanted to send  COUCOUs and THANK YOUs to all the people that I have a pleasure to see and work with every day. We will see just how good my memory is:
Special thank you to Mike (my supposed correct who turned out to be one of the greatest teachers/explainers for my D00)  and Sullivan (who was my corrector and touch me a great deal of tips not covered in the exercises). Which brings me to the subject of the separate article that will surely come around soon “IT or not IT” – it does sure make a difference when people had a prior experience in tech and programming!
A constant special note to my fantastic group of E2R1P8-14/E2R2P17-23/E2R3P15-21. Let’s see how good I’m with names: @Axel, @Gabriel, @Clement, @Andrei, @Thomas, @Corentin…and here we get my 5 units limit. But this list will surely get longer
Another special thank you to my prior correctors who turned out to the Slack go-to emergency contact Pierre and Antoine in particular
There more special thank you goes to Bocaliens: Fred(who helped me get my login back to active 10 min after he woke up), Noich and Mike (who helped me solve the “ta machine est pas assez precise 2 vs 3 issue of my ex02 de D00”. In the spirit of giving back I worth saying they I did help at least 8 Swimmers afterwards to find the sale or similar error.)
And one last for today are to Nikita and David, who were my panic sms contacts among other things from the list ‘helpful tips and reassurance from the ex-swimmers-now-students”
And a biggest special thank you for those who politely give me 20 or 22 years :))) You rock guys
And if you were attentive enough you did correctly see only men’s names… Eh oui, the girls are less than 10th of the local population, but they picked the best ones haha (yes it’s in the spirit of “I only have 2 drawbacks: my incredible beauty and my striking modesty”)
And with this, it’s already way too long of a post and 10 minutes past the deadline (00:10). And so I leave you with the traditional
“Funny, how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does.” – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


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  1. How did you initiate retries on days?? I haven’t been able to 🙁

    1. Getawayposts says: Reply

      It depends on the version of Piscine you are in. It might be Clousoné version, where you don’t have retries 🙂

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