[Day-11] Hello and welcome

Hi, everyone!
Ekaterina is here, you personal inside reporter to the jungles (or rather depths, as it is a”Piscine” =”Swimming pool”  after all) of the school 42.

There are quite some great chronicles that have already been written, but all (or at least all I know) are in French. So I said to myself that it might be good to do the one in a different language. Apart from the fact that my written French have considerate improvement needs, the newly opened site of 42 in the USA added up to the decision to do it in English.

As for the other sources, here are the 2 that I’ve particularly enjoyed (both in French):


1. Nate Goes Swimming! – http://nategoes42.tumblr.com/ (and I have shamelessly stolen the idea for the name, oops! 🙈 🙈 🙈))
Really enjoyed reading this one, very detailed on what to expect day by day. It also has a good mix of Educational and
Social bits of the experience.  And my favourite part is the writing style and humour each post is imbued with – makes it very engaging and easy to read.
2.  42 : les chroniques d’une noyée – http://laurenecastor.com/42-les-chroniques-dune-noyee/
A lady’s perspective (yeah, girls power rocks). Has much more personal tone to it compared to the Nate’s blog, but is very insightful as well. I did get to know Laurène Castor (the author) after reading the blog, and I must say it was a real pleasure to know the person behind the texts.
Back to the subject, for this journal it will be English. In the beginning, I also thought of taking an ambitious commitment to do it in Russian as well, but I seriously doubt I will be able to keep the promise. For one, the C language will definitely establish a monopolistic ownership of my brain during this month. So studying C in French, writing the blog in English and then translating it in Russian… Well, I think I will limit myself to 3 languages at a time. At least for now. And then if I have an inspiration one day while enjoying the sunbathing  in one of the exotic sunny destinations, it might come along eventually (and here comes the realisation that I’m already thinking of the vacations I will need post-Piscine… and it has not even started. Very promising start haha)
Bref, for now, English only 🙂 Frenglish eventually if my brain gets really cooked by the time I get home at night.
And for my dear french friends and future co-swimmers, it would be a perfect occasion to get friendly with the google translation.
Hope you will enjoy my scribbles, and I’m very open to any comments and questions✌🏻


POUR LE FRANCAIS: Il y a un bouton en bas de la page, si vous voulez lire mes magnifiques ouvrages. 😂 😂  Bon lecture 🙃

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