How to Add a Salesforce Dataset into Einstein Discovery if My Organisation is missing ?

I keep on struggling with the Einstein enabled Developer orgs. This time I’ve faced an issue while following the  Einstein Discovery Classic Data Integration module. And the bump on the road came in yet another unexpected place – integration of the Salesforce Dataset. You would think among all the data sources available this would be […]

Quick note on the CURRENCYRATE function (Spring 18′ Release)

This Currency related formula functions very much expected by many users having clients across borders. When it finally came out in Spring 18′ Release I was very optimistic about its functionality – expecting it would return a server value similar to NOW() function. Sadly, it didn’t. What it does is just returns the Exchange rate […]

Salesforce Tips: How to Map a Lead Source to the Account Source Upon Conversion

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The lead conversion process has always had its shortcomings. One of the most common issues was the fields mapping upon conversion. For quite a long time it was only possible to have a one-to-one type of mapping – when each lead field can only be mapped to one field from either Account, Contact or Opportunity. And […]